April 24th, 2008


And I can't smile, 'cause I forgot the words to this part

So, the big surprise on this week of American Idol is that Brooke DIDN'T leave, despite forgetting the words and starting over. They certainly called enough attention to this, though. I don't know. I've been to enough concerts where the performers forgot the words, often to songs they wrote themselves, that I've become more or less desensitized to it. John Flansburgh, for instance, is notorious for that kind of thing, yet he clearly has more talent than any of the contestants on the show. [1] I actually like Brooke, though, probably mostly because she seems refreshingly normal. She lost some points with me for saying she'd want to work with John Mayer. I guess I could hold out hope that she wants to sing with someone crappy so she sounds better by comparison, but that's a stretch. [2] I like Carly as well, though, even if I don't care for her tattoos. It's a shame that she doesn't show any hints of her accent when she sings, though. I'm sure it's just an annoyingly typical American trait for me to have a thing for British accents (and yes, I'm counting Irish as British), but it's still the case. I could do without that Archuleta kid, but I think the odds are that he'll win.

And on the subject of the show, I always think it's weird when the contestants mention their roommates. What, Fox can't spring for single rooms? That seems awfully cheap considering how much money it's making. Then again, some people LIKE having roommates, which is something I've never been able to understand. What I also don't get is why the married people aren't staying with their spouses, who are obviously in the area since they show up in the audience every week (unless they keep flying there and back, I guess). Do the producers subscribe to the superstition that having sex is bad for your performance? Oh, well. I suppose any attempt to make sense of that show is like trying to catch a Bandersnatch.

[1] I love it when people say that someone has more talent in their little finger than another person does in his or her whole body. What, exactly, does one do with a talented little finger? I guess they should be glad it's not a talented MIDDLE finger, as that kind of thing could get a guy in trouble.
[2] Speaking of bad singers, it sounds like Neil Diamond will be coaching the contestants next week.
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