April 27th, 2008


Write what you know. What do I know? I don't know anything.

Three items this time, the first two of which are pretty long, but none of which are likely to be of interest to anyone but me.

1. There was something on slfcllednowhere's journal about how she likes to rank her favorite bands. I like to do the same thing, but I've noticed that I don't do it as much nowadays. It was a lot easier to come up with a Top Ten when I only liked around twelve different bands. If someone were to ask, I'd probably say my Top Five are the same as how I'd listed them previously: They Might Be Giants, XTC, Frank Black, the Young Fresh Fellows, and Camper Van Beethoven (all with at least some related bands and solo projects included). I'm not totally sure beyond that, because it sometimes gets to be an apples-and-oranges kind of scenario. I have noticed that to really get into my Favorites category (rather than simply "bands I like"), a large and varied body of work is necessary. Consider the Ditty Bops and the Dresden Dolls, both of which I got into at around of the same time, and both of which have released albums on similar schedules (the third Bops album came out just a little while ago, and the third Dolls album will be out next month). I think everything both groups have put out has been strong, and maybe better on average (not that I'm actually going to do the math, if such a thing is even possible) than, say, XTC, who had a few relative duds in their long career. They haven't released that much yet, though, and while I certainly wouldn't say there's NO variety in their work, they seem to be picking one sound that works and sticking with it, rather than experimenting with a lot of different stuff. (I guess it's possible that the new Dolls album will sound totally different than their other work, but I seriously doubt it.) So as much as I like them, and even though it's quite possible they've been in wider rotation as of late than some of my old favorites, I wouldn't say either one currently has a shot at my highest spots (and I'm sure they're devastated by that news :P). Such things are subject to change, though. I think Neko Case has moved up to the Favorites category since I first started listening to her; she only had two albums (plus the Corn Sisters one) out back then, and now she has four studio albums and two live ones, all of which are quite solid releases. And Moxy Früvous has fallen somewhat by breaking up after only seven releases (four studio albums, two rarities collections, and one live record), two of which (You Will Go to the Moon and Thornhill, in case you care) weren't really up to snuff. I guess they're still Favorites, though. I suppose the whole system is really pretty ridiculous, but I thought you might appreciate some insight into how my mind works.

2. Why is it that, when writing stories, I find it so much easier to come up with descriptions of historical events than with actual plots? For instance, Collapse )

3. The cheap particle board bottom of my shirt drawer is falling out. I don't want to have to get a whole new dresser, but I don't think there's a way to buy individual drawers, and I'm not sure it can be repaired.
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