May 5th, 2008


In the next ninety minutes, you'll find out that all your problems can be solved by my penis

So, last night's Simpsons episode was kind of mediocre. It did have a coherent plot, and in light of the complaints I've seen recently about the show tending not to settle on a main story until sometime in the second act, I feel I should note that this one started pretty early on. While there was nothing about the episode that bothered me, though, it also wasn't all that funny. I did like the Skinner/Chalmers exchanges, but then, those are generally successful. Superintendent Chalmers is one of those characters who doesn't show up all that much, but you're pretty much guaranteed some funny scenes when he does, giving him a high appearance-to-humor ratio. Or something like that, anyway.

The most recent Family Guy was also kind of lackluster. It's nice to occasionally see Chris as a viewpoint character, but the jokes weren't as good as they've been in other recent episodes. Even the unrelated gags, which are often the saving grace of a weak episode, seemed a bit half-assed overall. Oh, well. American Dad, however, was a winner again. As of late, I think it's been the most consistently funny of the animated shows I watch. I hope the fact that they've been preempting it a lot recently was just a result of the writers' strike, and not a sign that the show is in danger of being canceled. You never can tell with Fox.