May 7th, 2008


Oh, joy! Oh, Rapture unforeseen!

So, the popular conception of the Rapture involves people leaving behind their clothes when ascending into Heaven, right? So does that mean they're all going to be naked up there? I'm not sure how that would go over with some of the more prudish premillennialists (which might well be all of them). Maybe they'll all immediately be dressed in clean, conservative, non-revealing white robes. And is it just clothes that will remain on Earth, or will other things that are unnecessary in Heaven stay behind? What about glasses? Hearing aids? Prosthetic limbs? Breast implants? And will there be any bad blood between the people who ascend to Heaven bodily and the disembodied souls that are apparently already there?

Okay, I should probably go to bed, but stay tuned to this journal for more hard-hitting theological questions! :P
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