May 10th, 2008


Peculiar Hobbits in Writing

Something I've seen mentioned several times in the past year or so is that there are going to be TWO feature films based on The Hobbit, one actually telling the story from the book, and the other filling in some gaps between that and Lord of the Rings. Interesting idea, but I guess that means the screenplay for the second film will be a largely original story, unless this is something Tolkien covered in something published in one of those approximately 80,000 volumes of Unfinished Tales.

On the subject of Tolkien, I was recently thinking about how odd it is that he revised the already-published Hobbit so that it would fit in better with The Lord of the Rings. Definitely a better choice than just going off in a different direction and leaving The Hobbit alone, I guess. And he did come up with a clever explanation about the original version of the Gollum encounter being the story Bilbo told to his friends. I tend to be the type of person who prefers making the later works conform with the earlier ones, though, rather than vice versa. It's kind of a point against the people who insist that Tolkien had everything carefully planned out ahead of time.

I've found that, with my own writing, I don't like to throw out ideas. Hence, even if I find something infeasible, not enjoyable to write about, or just difficult to fit into a plot, I'll still think of it as something that actually happened, and possibly allude to it in other stories. There are some ideas that I came up with years ago, and am now thinking of ways that they might be used in conjunction with (hopefully) better plots. It's kind of a sobering thought that I've been working on some of my Oz works on and off for over fifteen years. There's one manuscipt that I've just started writing, in which I plan to include some elements of something I was working on back in junior high, about an adventure of Dorothy and the Yellow Knight.

And here's another Friday Five, courtesy of slfcllednowhere:

1. If you knew that you had only one day left to live, what would you do for the 24 hours? I'd probably just fret the whole time.
2. Do you think that life has meaning? Yes, but I think it's something you have to make yourself.
3. What was your favourite childhood toy/object, or some of your favourites? (Remember childhood according to the United Nations is anywhere from 0-18 years, so this is a fairly broad span of time). Do Oz books count? They were definitely an important part of my later childhood. If you want something more interesting, however, my parents told me that I used to carry a broom around with me when I was really young. I must have eventually switched from that to my stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh, who was orange when I got him, but my mom covered him with tan fabric.
4. When you clasp your hands, do you put your right thumb over your left thumb, or your left thumb over your right thumb? Right over left
5. If you had to teach the most ignorant person on earth the most difficult thing you have ever learned, how would you go about doing it? I really don't know that I could. I wonder what the most difficult thing I've learned would even be. I guess learning to drive would rank pretty high, and I don't think I could ever teach that to anyone.