May 12th, 2008


Homer and His Dead Mother

I don't know that last night's Simpsons worked so well as a stand-alone episode, but it was a decent final chapter in the saga of Homer's mother. Unless I'm missing something, though, I'm not sure how Mona knew her final wish would work out. It's not like she knew when she would die, or specified a date for Homer to drop the ashes. What, does Mr. Burns launch a missile at 3:00 every day? The action sequence near the end was a little odd, but bringing back Homer's cement-block weapon from the beginning of the episode was a nice touch.

No new Family Guy last night, but we did get a new American Dad, which I enjoyed. Stan's song about Oliver North was definitely the best part, but there were other amusing parts as well.

Finally, before I post this, I have to say that I think people who object to Stephen King's April comments about literacy and the military by saying that most soldiers ARE educated are missing the point. Well, I suppose I don't know for sure what King's point was, but here's how I see it. Yes, a lot of our military is educated, but I think most of these people actually believe in what they're doing. That doesn't mean there aren't also a lot of poor and uneducated Americans who join the military because they don't feel they have any other choice, and to acknowledge this issue is hardly an insult to the Armed Forces. Now, I DO take some issue with King's statement that the literate and educated "can walk into a job later on," but nobody else seems to care about that part.