May 19th, 2008


It's season finalé time again

The Simpsons season finalé aired last night. If this seems a bit premature, it really is, as this season had only twenty episodes. I believe twenty-two is still the usual number of episodes per season (I remember when it used to be twenty-four, but those days are long gone), but the writers' strike messed everything up. And while the two season finalés last year were good episodes, this one wasn't so much. But then, they didn't have any summer movie to promote this time. I did appreciate that they tried something different by presenting it all in Sideshow Mel's internal monologue (although it was presumably a reference to a movie I've never seen), but the episode as a whole didn't do much for me. Part of it might be how they didn't really show us that much of Lisa's rise to fame, perhaps yet another casualty of the shorter episode time that the writers are always complaining about in the DVD commentaries. Also, it was yet another case of the characters not even acknowledging that a similar situation had happened before. Come on, "Saddlesore Galactica" was a generally bad episode, and it at least made note of a similar plot, albeit in a way that suggested anyone who cared was a pathetic nerd. And maybe I AM a pathetic nerd, but come on, all they had to do to avoid this complaint was to have someone mention the "I Didn't Do It" Boy.

Family Guy didn't even have a season finalé this time, and while American Dad did, I get the impression that episode wasn't originally intended to do the finalé. I mean, why air an episode about spring break in May? It was a pretty good show, though, if not quite as much so as other recent ones.

Also last night, bethje and I watched Serial Mom, which she'd seen before but I hadn't. It wasn't my favorite of John Waters' films, but it was funny. I don't think I'd even heard of the "no white shoes after Labor Day" thing until I read Waters' book. I think I've now seen all of his movies that are out on DVD, unless there have been DVD releases of his earlier films that I don't know about.