May 22nd, 2008


David vs. David

Well, I must say I was actually surprised by the result of American Idol. I had thought David Archuleta was a shoe-in for weeks now. Not that the winner really matters, as previous seasons have shown, but I do have to say that I don't want to see how Archuleta's dad responds to this. Okay, so I actually do.

The finalé itself wasn't bad. George Michael is pretty cool, and I can't say I have anything against ZZ Top. I don't think I'd ever actually heard the Jonas Brothers, but they were pretty much what I expected (i.e., little kids singing bland pop). The group performances were awful, but then, they always are. It was annoying, but really not at all surprising, that they dedicated a sizable chunk of the show to promoting some movie with Mike Myers as a goofy foreign guy. I guess that's to compete with the upcoming movie with Adam Sandler as a goofy foreign guy, which in turn looks like a total Borat rip-off. Sheesh, movie industry, can't you come up with any original ideas?

Speaking of commercials, have I mentioned before how it bothers me that Old Navy has started trying to make their commercials look normal? Because it does. Come on, I want my washed-up celebrities back! What are Morgan Fairchild and the Mowry twins going to do now? Also, there was a commercial for So You Think You Can Dance that promised "no B-list celebs." That's not exactly saying much when what you have instead are people nobody's ever heard of and most likely never will. I don't watch Dancing with the Stars either, but at least I can see the appeal of watching Penn Jilette or Tucker Carlson dance.