May 27th, 2008


Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor

My car is currently in the shop getting the windshield replaced, because there's a crack in it, and I have to get it inspected in June. Assuming they don't add on a whole bunch of extra charges, though (which is always possible, I suppose), it won't cost anywhere near as much as I had feared.

bethje's Uncle John cooked Memorial Day dinner for us yesterday. We had hot dogs and hamburgers, the former of which tasted overly smoky. But hey, compared to the sacrifices our brave men and women in the military made, eating smoky hot dogs is nothing! :P Speaking of eating and the military, I remember my tenth grade history teacher mentioning how, when he was in Vietnam, he managed to get extra peaches by trading his cigarettes for them. I'm not sure why I just thought of that, but I guess the lesson is to make sure you're the only one in your platoon who doesn't smoke. Because I'm sure there's a choice in the matter. ;)

Also yesterday, Beth showed me Head, which was really bizarre. But then, I expected it to be, so no harm done. I guess that's what you get if you write a movie by brainstorming while stoned. I did find it amusing in its way, and the music was cool. The Minus 5 actually covered "Circle Sky" when I saw them live a few years ago.

And that's about all, I guess. Now I'm playing the waiting game until they call about my windshield. I'd play Hungry Hungry Hippos instead, but I have neither the game nor anyone to play it with.