May 30th, 2008


You're like my favorite underwear

1. I previously hadn't listened to much that Liz Phair released after her third (and, in my opinion, best) album. I finally listened to her self-titled a few days ago, though, and I actually liked it. It really isn't that different from her earlier stuff either. It just has a very unrepresentative lead single.

2. I have the debut album by Sgt. Major, a band that includes two Young Fresh Fellows (one of whom was also a Fastback), but I've never seen them live. I don't think they play on this coast. I had a dream last night where I was seeing them, though, and their lead singer Carmella (who apparently hasn't actually been their lead singer in some time, but she was on the album; the woman in the dream didn't look anything like she did in the album photos, though) walked out into the audience and right on top of the people in it, who were all lying down. I think this is based on memories of when my old Tae Kwon Do instructor used to do that. They then took a break in the show to set up some tables. Later in the dream, I was arguing with bethje because I didn't want to go to some workshop. And I think there was something about preparations for a parade. Sometimes I wish my dreams would just follow a simple narrative structure.

3. One thing I've noticed about the kids these days is that, instead of saying that they're "going to the prom," they simply say they're "going to prom," totally omitting the definite article. When did this become acceptable? Or was it always acceptable, and I just didn't know because I was a social outcast who never even considered going to the event, whether or not it had the article? People say kids should go because they might end up regretting it if they don't, but I certainly haven't regretted it so far.

4. Another thing I don't regret is not having gone to any football games in college. I only mention this because rockinlibrarian did a survey (which I might do myself at some point in the future) where one of the questions asked about school mascots. At our school, the mascot used to be an Indian, but since people thought that was offensive, it didn't have a mascot for a while. Disregarding suggestions that the team should be the Fighting Squirrels or the Mighty Oaks, they eventually settled on...the bear. And what's even dumber is that the team was apparently still officially the Indians. Despite my general disregard for sports, I do think people need to show more creativity when coming up with nicknames and mascots. Somebody already used the bear, the wildcat, and the tiger. Can't you come up with something else? And along the same lines, why do some many towns have the same names? Isn't there an infinite number of potential proper nouns?

5. You might have heard that Harvey Korman died yesterday, at the age of 81. That made me wonder if anyone else remembers a short-lived show from the late eighties called The Nutt House, created by Mel Brooks, and starring Korman and other Brooks favorite Cloris Leachman. I remember watching it when I was in elementary school, but I wouldn't be too surprised if nobody else does.