June 2nd, 2008


I'll drink to that!

I probably should stop getting the orange juice when I get breakfast from McDonald's. It's more convenient than buying a drink elsewhere, but it's not that good and really expensive. I paid more for that one little cup that they call a "large" than I just did for 1.75 liters at the grocery store. But I guess that's always the way with drinks at restaurants. Obviously restaurant food is pretty much always more expensive, but I can justify it by saying that they're preparing and serving it for you. That's not really the case with the drinks, though. At least with soda you can get free refills, which is why I usually get soda at restaurants even though I don't drink it much otherwise. I know the cheapest and healthiest option would just be to get water, but I've come to think that water is too bland to have with a meal. Maybe there's also a bit of rebellion in ordering soda, since I always had to get water when going to restaurants with my mom. I swear there was one place we went where they actually charged for the water. It wasn't much (25 cents per cup, I"m thinking?), but that's still not right.

Earlier today, I saw a truck towing a car on a chain, which looked rather dangerous and inefficient. I think it might have been the BDSM method of towing. {g} I also passed a fire hall advertising "Progressive Bingo." I wonder what's so progressive about it. Is it more up to date than other Bingo games, or is there some kind progression within the game itself? Maybe each round becomes progressively harder. I don't know.

My car passed inspection, and I don't need to get it inspected again for another two years. That's one of several ways in which I lucked out in moving to New Jersey. In Pennsylvania, you had to get an inspection every year, and I don't think there was anywhere you could get it done for free.
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