June 3rd, 2008


I risked my life to see Captain Lou Albano at the mall

No, I've never actually seen Captain Lou at the mall, risking my life in the process or otherwise. bethje decided the other day that that phrase would make a good T-shirt slogan, and suggested I use it as the title of my next post. So there it is. Beth has actually just left to go to Toronto for a few days. We haven't even been married for three months, and we're already taking separate vacations. I briefly considered accompanying her, but I didn't think I could justify the cost.

Speaking of separate vacations, I had a dream about going to Disney World without Beth (I think I might have gone with my mom, which proves it's a dream, as she has told me several times that she has no interest in going there), and I was upset because I was remembering how much more fun it was with her. Actually, if I went there without here, I probably could have gotten to the parks much earlier in the day. :P There have been occasions when I visited a place and was sad because the people I'd been around at that same place before weren't there. Like the time when I went to summer school, and stayed in a different dorm without most of the people I knew from the regular school year. Anyway, though, I'm not sure why so many of my dreams recently have featured Disney World. Maybe THAT'S what they mean when they say it's the Year of a Million Dreams. {g}

I got two new Oz books in the mail today, and finished two Oz stories of my own. Well, actually, one was just a slightly edited version of something I wrote in high school. And the other one is really more of an Ev story, mentioning Oz only briefly.

And before I end this post, I noticed that the price of regular gas at the Wawa was displayed on the electronic sign yesterday as "E4." Maybe that's like when you get a result on a calculator too big for the display, so it says something with an E in it. Sounds about right with the current gas prices, huh?

Oh, and happy birthday to twobitme!
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