June 4th, 2008


Making Flippy Floppy

So Hillary didn't actually concede, but it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Obama will win the nomination? That's cool, I guess. They had pretty similar platforms, as far as I could tell, but Obama is more charismatic and probably less irrationally hated by a significant part of the country. I'm no expert at such things (even calling me an amateur would be giving me too much credit, really), but I think he has a better chance of winning against McCain in November. There might have been a time when I wouldn't have thought McCain as President would be such a bad prospect, and I still think he's better than what we've had for the past seven and a half years. But, I mean, people thought Kerry was a flip-flopper, and here we have McCain apparently not even sure that he opposes torture anymore. Even putting aside the fact that I think most of his sudden changes of heart were for the worse, wouldn't you have to be pretty gullible to believe it when politicians suddenly change their minds on things when running for a major office? Do people think the two things just happen to coincide, or do most people just not bother researching what these politicians claimed to stand for in the past?

And now, to fill out this entry, here are some of my favorite spam subject lines from the past few days:

You look really stupid fablesto - Yeah, YOU'RE one to talk, Mr. I Don't Use Commas!
YOUR HONESTY PAYMENT - Wait, who's making the payment, and who's being kept honest by it?
Exclusive stuff for mans
super magnific offers
translucent contagion - I think that was a psychedelic band from the sixties.
Clad your feet in luxury
TD Banknorth - Your money is in a great danger - Which great danger would that be?
I belong to you - Oh, lucky me.
Be patriot

Of course, I also got a bunch of announcements about receiving virtual postcards from friends. You can't fool me, spammers! I don't HAVE any friends! I haven't seen too many of those "huge cumshot" messages as of late, though. I always wondered how that was supposed to improve sex. Maybe it does for spambots.
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