June 6th, 2008


He's got a towel! Run away!

I watched the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie for the second time last night. I already reviewed it way back when it was new, and I find that my opinion is still largely the same. I know a fair number of fans hated the film, but I would say there were quite a few things they did well, even while admitting that some of the new stuff was really annoying. It was a mixed bag, really. I remember reading one particularly scathing review that said Douglas Adams' main strength as a writer was in comic dialog, and cutting or altering so much of it was a very bad idea. Incidentally, the deleted scenes on the DVD include the great Guide bit about the Babel Fish being used to disprove the existence of God, but even it removes the end part about mankind going on to prove black is white and getting killed at the next zebra crossing. I wonder how many of the cuts and changes were done in order to tack on a love story and a happy ending. Maybe the writers (and possibly even Adams himself, who was said to have come up with some of the changes before his untimely death) felt mainstream movie audiences would demand these things. If so, it must have backfired, as I don't think the movie was very successful. If it had been, I'm sure there would have been talk of a sequel.

While the deleted scenes on the DVD were pretty cool, I thought I remembered reading that they were going to include a few other ones, like Ford trying to talk the Vogon guard into a career change. Did they end up not including them after all, or are they hidden somewhere on the disc?

In other news, I had yet another back-at-college dream last night, this time with a scrupulously clean roommate who straightened up all my stuff while I was out (but, for some reason, left a porno magazine lying on the bed). bethje was also staying in the dorm, but in a different room.
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