June 11th, 2008


In New Jersey, I dream of snow

Just a few observations of the morning, the last one much longer than the others. Hey, kind of like when Bill Maher does "New Rules," huh?

1. One of my most recent spam subject lines: "Lindsay Lohan drops bikini bottom." Gee, I sure hope SpongeBob wasn't hurt! :P

2. It's annoying to have to keep removing "the" from band names when I put them on my MP3 player, but otherwise it doesn't alphabetize them properly.

3. Build-A-Bear now has a "USA Spirit Teddy," for those of you whose patriotism is so strong that it must spread even to your stuffed animals. Actually, I think it's supposed to be related to the Olympics, but still.

4. I heard last night that there are rumors that Barack Obama's middle name is not actually "Hussein," but rather "Mohmammed" (possibly because none of the people likely to be swayed by this fact can remember Saddam anymore). I just wonder why they're focusing all of this name-related attention on Obama, and not on his opponent, John Hitler McCain. (Okay, that's not really true. His real name is John Wayne Gacy McCain.)

5. With the heatwave going on outside, why did my dreams last night involve a snowstorm? There was apparently supposed to be a big snow, so my family (which I think included both parents and some members of bethje's family) had to gather up everything and everyone important (including pets; I know Dewey was involved, and I think some of the cats as well) to take to my dad's apartment. I'm not sure why we would be better able to weather the storm there than anywhere else, but it was a pretty nice apartment, with two floors. When I first got to the building, I ended up getting off the elevator at the wrong floor, and getting really upset about it. Then, once inside, I complained a lot about the snow, and said I'd want to live somewhere without snow if it were possible. (Considering the weather we've been having in this area lately, I think that's actually only true if it were also a place that never got too hot.) I think I woke up not long after that, but the continued after I went back to sleep again. (Why does that only ever happen with crappy dreams?) This time, however, my car was in the shop, and I was back home without my computer. I told someone (possibly my brother) that I should go back to the apartment to get it, but that idea wasn't practical for some reason. The dream also involved going to school to get some assignments. That's about all of it that I remember, but I was insanely frustrated pretty much all the way through.