June 12th, 2008


Motorcycle Landscape

bethje and I watched an old (well, from the late nineties, if that counts as "old") documentary on the Hell's Angels. I think the most interesting thing I learned from it is that one of their precursors was called "The Pissed-Off Bastards." Sounds like a good band name, if it hasn't already been taken, and some motorcycle gang isn't still using it.

I remember when there was a Hell's Angels funeral at my old hometown, and they warned everybody to avoid the funeral home. They had cops all over, and even, as C.W. McCall would put it, a bear in the air. Overkill, perhaps? Incidentally, the funeral parlor was a building called the Jug House, because one of the stones on its front is carved to look like a jug. As the story goes, the builders weren't allowed to drink on the job, so they did that carving as their revenge. I'm sure that really showed...someone! But I digress.

Speaking of motorcycles, one of my driving pet peeves is being stuck behind one. You know what I'm saying? I usually try to pass them, but in the case of a group of Hell's Angels (or Pissed-Off Bastards, for that matter), I'd probably just try to get out of the way. {g}

On a totally unrelated topic, what do all you readers think of my getting a paid Flickr account? I don't take that many pictures, but maybe paying for it would provide an impetus for doing so.

Oh, and happy birthday to colbyucb!
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