June 15th, 2008


Smoke 'em if you got 'em

The most recent thing that bethje and got from Netflix was some Nova special from 2001 about attempts to develop safer cigarettes. As you can imagine, some of these attempts actually made things worse, like the asbestos filters that they used to put on Kent cigarettes. Honestly, I just can't understand the appeal of smoking, but I guess that had a lot to do with my upbringing. Neither of my parents smoked, and I never hung around with other kids who did. (In fact, I rarely hung around with other kids at all.) But, really, what's the attraction? The only thing I've heard people say that makes sense to me is that it's calming. I don't think the idea that it looks cool is relevant in this day and age. There was a time when smoking was presented as glamorous, but now it usually seems to be portrayed as trashy. Maybe there's still kind of a classy look to pipe smoking, but not cigarettes.

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Incidentally, I'm composing this in Gmail, and one of the ads on the side (which is actually no longer there now) asked which Jonas Brother's phone number I'd rather have. Man, I don't know if I can decide! :P