June 20th, 2008


Who can hang a name on you?

bethje, Dorothea, and I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday last night. I had some Parmesan Shrimp Pasta thing, which was good, if a bit light on the actual shrimp. But then, most shrimp entrées are, unless you get all you can eat, and even then they tend to refill your plate rather infrequently. Ruby Tuesday also has flavored lemonade, with free refills. The flavor is strong enough that I usually don't want to get as many refills as I do with soda, though. I'm sure they're counting on that. Anyway, those things were good, but what's not so good is that they discontinued the Strawberry Tallcake, and changed the Chocolate Tallcake. It's still mostly the same ingredients, but it's now served sideways on a plate instead of upright in a glass, which means the name "Tallcake" is no longer particularly appropriate. Essentially, it's now just a piece of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the side. Pretty lame, really. Dorothea also mentioned how they used to have pumpernickel bread at Ruby Tuesday, and they no longer do. What's with all the changes? I mean, I know their very name indicates that they change with every new day, but still.

Speaking of changes, I never quite understood why those old ("old" meaning "from when I was a kid") T.J. Maxx commercials implied that never being the same place twice was a good thing. I want consistency in my businesses, damn it! I want to go to a place I haven't been in three years and have it be exactly the same! Having some new stuff is fine, but don't get rid of the old! (Yes, I realize that this would cause space issues for stores, but not so much for restaurants.)

And while I'm ranting, I heard second-hand that someone said gas prices would never go down to $2 per gallon again. I'm sure this is true, but, um, are they trying to imply that $2 is a LOW price? I first started driving in the latter half of 2002, and it was a while before I even had to pay $1.50 for a gallon. I think prices first went over $2 in this area during Hurricane Katrina, and they quickly rocketed up to $3, but then dropped down again. I think the price I paid today was slightly less than last time, but I've kind of stopped paying attention. You know how, when numbers are really big, it's difficult for the human brain to really conceive of them? Billions and trillions are more or less the same thing to many of us under normal circumstances, and it's the same way with gas prices over $2. I guess prices will go back down again if they move forward with that offshore drilling, though! (Yeah, right. Just like Americans were hailed as liberators in Iraq.)

Finally, happy belated birthday to countblastula, and happy actual birthday to kristenjarrod!
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