June 30th, 2008


Bullshit, Boobs, and Balsams

The new season of Bullshit! has started, and bethje and I watched the first two episodes. I think the show has gotten rather over-the-top as of late. Penn and Teller were never shy about cursing a lot (hey, just look at the title) and showing topless women. But now, it seems like Penn can't go five minutes without swearing about something, and the topless ladies show up at totally irrelevant times. It's not like I have a problem with seeing boobs, mind you, but throwing them in for no reason kind of cheapens the show. They actually WERE relevant to the first episode of the new season, however, since it was about pornography. As you might expect, Penn was quite biased in this respect, but I think the episode did a good job of showing how ridiculous some of the arguments of the anti-porn lobby are. Incidentally, I took a quick look at the website of that one pastor guy, and I saw two different pages stating that wet dreams are God's way for "adolescents and adults to have healthy sexual release without masturbation." Combining this with the stuff in the Torah about a woman using bloody sheets as "tokens of virginity," the conclusion seems to be that God hates bedsheets.

The other episode was about New Age healing. They've touched on similar topics several times in the past, and the conclusions are exactly what you'd expect if you've seen any of those other episodes, but it's still interesting to see how bizarre some of these healing methods are. One lady used tuning forks, and even gave them names. The three I can remember were "Ohm," "Earth Day," and "The Sun," but I think there was at least one other one. There was also some discussion of therapeutic touch, which, contrary to the name, doesn't involve any actual touching. Instead, the person performing the therapy will move his or her hand in the air over the patient. It's sort of like playing a theremin, I guess. This episode also had one of those experiments where they trick people into doing silly things. While some of these have made relevant points, I think they often simply come across as "hey, look how stupid these people look!", which reeks of making fun of the victims instead of the perpetrators.