July 4th, 2008


You can watch anything you want to, man

I recently finished reading the book Teleliteracy: Taking Television Seriously, by David Bianculli. You might know him from NPR, but he's also a TV critic, and he co-taught one of bethje's college classes. He makes a good case against anti-TV snobbery, and does so with a lot of bad puns, which I appreciate. {g} I've never really been a big TV watcher, but I fail to understand why so many people want to dismiss the entire medium. Bianculli makes the case that there's a lot of snobbish criticism of every new medium. I actually think that, nowadays, video games are bashed even more than TV. But there are still a lot of people thinking TV is inherently bad, as well as professional bias against it. I especially don't understand people who take movies and not TV seriously, since they're both visual media. According to the book, that bias is less active in the United Kingdom. But maybe I shouldn't be talking up the UK on Independence Day. :P

I remember when I was really young and first heard about the United States breaking away from England, and I actually thought they were physically attached at one point. I was pretty dumb, wasn't I? {g} Well, anyway, happy Independence Day to the Americans. And to any Brits who might be reading this, happy Losing-the-American-Colonies Day! :P

I also have two book memes to do. Well, I don't HAVE to do them, but I always kind of feel obligated anyway.
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