July 18th, 2008


Biscuits and Bunnies

I always find it kind of amusing when streets near businesses and such have relevant names. I noticed that the street I used to exit the McDonald's drive-thru this morning was called Ronald Lane. I also remember seeing a Wal-Mart with an Always Drive. I know I've seen others, but I can't think of any of them right now.

Speaking of McDonald's, I tried the chicken biscuit, and it was actually pretty good. bethje had a bite and said it tasted like it needed something, but I like my sandwiches relatively plain. I guess it sort of a rip-off of Chick-fil-A, like one of my co-workers said, but I liked it.

Last night, Beth, Dorothea, and I went to Bob Evans. I had the strawberry and banana pancakes, which I enjoyed. I think they were a little too much, though, especially with the cream in the middle. Anyway, being at Bob Evans reminded me that I don't like the country-style decorations they sell there. I'm just not so keen on the style, you know?

This isn't related to anything I've already said in this post, but via The News Hole, check out this bunny letter opener. That reminds of a dream I had, which I've probably mentioned before, that involved rabbits working at the post office and accidentally shredding an important letter. I went to the post office today, but there weren't any bunnies there. Not that I could see, anyway.

And while I'm linking to videos, here's one of Amy Miles (AKA the female member of The Last Car who isn't married to John Flansburgh) on Jimmy Kimmel. I'm not sure how old it is, since I think that album has been out for a while. I'm thinking I should buy it sometime soon.
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