July 24th, 2008


Answers for All!

Okay, here are the answers to my most recent lyrics game:

1. Half underwater, I'm half my mother's daughter. "Half Jack," by the Dresden Dolls. revme got it.
2. Are you weary of lengthening days? Do you secretly wish for November's rain? "June," by Camper Van Beethoven. Nobody got it, despite the fact that I put it on numerous mixes. Oh, well. There are a lot of songs on mixes that I've received for which I don't know the lyrics, so I guess that's fair enough.
3. [Title], she's got you shaving your legs. "She's Your Cocaine," by Tori Amos. colleenanne and colbyucb got it.
4. We're only [title]. We only want what's best for him. "Making Plans for Nigel," by XTC. zimbra1006, science, slfcllednowhere, and revme all got it. They have a future in British Steel!
5. [Title] the world is round, it turns me on. "Because," by the Beatles. petie_s, rockinlibrarian, annamatic, suegypt, jenhime, colbyucb, slfcllednowhere, and revme all got it correct.
6. [Title], taking every cue from every ad, girl. "Sad Girl," by Moxy Früvous. petie_s and colleenanne got it. The only time I saw Früvous live, this was the only Thornhill song they played.
7. All the way back home, I'm telling you, I caught the sun creeping up behind my shoulder. "Waiting for the Moon to Rise," by Belle and Sebastian. yosef got it.
8. I got a crush, copy shop clerk, but she won't look up at me. "Sleeping in the Flowers," by They Might Be Giants, as correctly answered by annamatic, suegypt, zimbra1006, nova_one, colbyucb, slfcllednowhere, and revme. I quite like this song, even when compared to other TMBG stuff.
9. Baby, baby, please believe me. I would never, never do anything to hurt you. "Train from Kansas City," as performed by Neko Case. It was apparently a Shangri Las songs before that, but I've never heard their version. Anyway, no one knew it.
10. Dance with me, my old friend, once before we go. Let's pretend this song won't end, and we never have to go home. "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing," by the Magnetic Fields. zimbra1006 and jenhime both knew this.
11. From the back of your big brown eyes, I knew you'd be gone as soon as you could. "Magic," by Ben Folds Five, as correctly answered by petie_s.
12. Are you too bored to think? Are you too scared to speak? "Look Outside," by the Ditty Bops. No one got it, but that's okay, because I probably wouldn't have either.
13. Against the law to talk about the rocket in the park, I send it out to be examined by a scientific team. "Things I'm Gonna Do," by Rasputina.
14. Standing in the light, you're so self-congratulatory. So I guess you have the right to be so masturbatory. "You Ain't Me," by Frank Black. annamatic knew it.
15. I'm hanging 'round the rock pile with my big old sledge hammer. "Right Here," by the Young Fresh Fellows.

Okay, now for your scores. I'll give one point for each correct answer, and half a point if you knew the artist but not the song title.

revme: 4
petie_s and jenhime: 3.5
annamatic, colbyucb, slfcllednowhere: 3
colleenanne: 2.75 (I gave 3/4 credit for knowing both the artist and album for #8.)
zimbra1006: 2.5
suegypt: 2
rockinlibrarian, nova_one, science, yosef: 1

So it looks like, technically speaking, the winner is revme. But if you ask me, everyone who participated is a winner! {g} I'll have to do this again someday, but don't worry; it won't be for a little while.
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