August 8th, 2008


Voice Post

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“Hello you know what would be nice. If sometime I could drive in to Philadelphia. And they wouldn't drive in and there wouldn't be a car stopped from the middle of the street. It happens like every time. Anyway, yeah I'm in Philadelphia now. I'm gonna see Lark and ___ about it with a kind of angel. And I haven't done one of this once in a while and I was kinda bored so. Yeah that's what I'm doing now. Let's see not much else to say, I guess. I'm right now I'm passing the Oh I'm not sure what it is. It's something that start in market but short corner. So anyway, I will probably make some more coast soon. I run away when I'm bored. Oh well I read book and so I probably got more to say on that and how he's like. Yeah well he's like dashing out for anything then yeah. So I will, I guess I'm going to ___ now. But tomorrow I should at some point have had both of that. I know if if you are the concept and I'm thinking of maybe something. So I guess some ideas for I'm just a miscellaneous kind of person. So well, I look forward today. Still grab in for whatever you do. Alright, ok. Bye”

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