August 28th, 2008


Insurance Inconvenience

I was supposed to see a dermatologist today, but it turned out they never got the referral from the regular doctor, even though I called the office about it the other day. The particularly annoying thing is that the doctor's office was right around the corner, but they wouldn't let me go over there to ask about the referral. Apparently they couldn't see me if I showed up too long after the appointment time, even though I actually came into the office ten minutes EARLY, and that was after sitting in the parking lot and reading for a while. But apparently leaving the office and coming back somehow negates that, so I had to reschedule. Not a big deal, but you'd think this referral thing wouldn't be so difficult. I just had to sort another referral out with the insurance company, because I didn't realize exactly how it worked. But this time, I went about it the right way, and it still didn't work out.

Anyway, here are some memes regarding my LJ itself. I think I've done these before, but since they're subject to change, I felt I might as well do them again.

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