September 5th, 2008


Are You Experienced?

Can you believe that the Republicans are arguing that Sarah Palin is MORE qualified than Obama, because she's had a little bit of executive experience? Okay, you probably CAN believe it, but it's still annoying. Apparently Republicans believe that anyone who was class president in high school is more qualified for the presidency than Barack. I suppose those people DO have experience in making promises they don't intend to keep, since I'm sure they never REALLY think they can get a soda machine in the cafeteria. Anyway, it's true that a governor (and probably even a mayor) has a lot of the same duties as the president. On the other hand, Congress is actually making decisions that affect the entire country, and not just one state (in Palin's case, one that isn't even near any of the others). Maybe Palin DOES have experience in the fantasy role-playing sense, as that mostly seems to be the result of killing animals, and she's done plenty of that. Hey, Mrs. Governor, why don't you try fighting a dragon from your helicopter? That might actually be a challenge. And don't try to tell me dragons don't exist, when you think public school science classes should teach about talking snakes, 900-year-old men, and a worldwide flood.

Moving on to McCain himself, apparently having been a POW is one of his qualifications. Now, I certainly respect his military service. I was pretty much raised to believe the Vietnam War was a bad thing, which makes it weird for me when people like Bill O'Reilly try to defend it. But the soldiers were still doing an important job. Mind you, I also respect the people who managed to get out of going to Vietnam. You can argue that they were selfish, but I say that someone who doesn't want to fight and is opposed to the war probably isn't going to give it their A game anyway. But anyway, it may be true that the fact McCain actually fought in a war would make him better at leading a war (although his comments about being in Iraq for another millennium make me a little unsure of that). But it's going too far to say he deserves to be president because he was in a shitty situation, as some Republicans seem to be suggesting. Come on, is this a presidential election or Queen for a Day?
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