September 12th, 2008


Here Be Dragons (and Dragon Ladies)

One movie I saw recently: Eragon, which was a box office flop, but I'd read the book, so I thought I should see the film. It wasn't bad, and was a pretty faithful adaptation (at least as well as I can remember the book), but it did seem a little generic. I guess the book was as well, really. It was a fun read, but there wasn't all that much original to it. I think it got a lot of attention because its author was so young, but I don't think that was the case for the director of the movie.

Two more things I've noticed in The Arabian Nights: One is that there's a lot of cousin-marrying. What is this, the Jeri al-Springer Show? Also, whoever wrote those stories thinks that most Arab women have what I believe is technically known as "jungle fever." They're always cheating on their husbands with their black slaves.

The Republicans have been yakking about "small-town values." Having grown up in a small town myself, here are what I observed as the three most significant small-town values: not shopping locally, cutting through other people's lawns, and attending the volunteer fire department's annual chicken barbecue and Fourth of July fireworks.

I'd like to continue with the numbering trend and bring you four dreams I've had recently, but I'm not sure I can remember that many. I had one last night where I was working in a library (which I think was supposed to be the community college library where I used to do reference work), but I wasn't really working that much. I was sorting some children's books, but I was mostly just watching some Dr. Seuss films on TV (which I actually occasionally did while working at the toy store). I also remember going through the stacks looking for information on something, but I don't remember what. Oh, and there was an elevator behind a men's room door. Another recent dream was another back-to-college one. I was trying to decide what poster to put on my door, and I decided I'd use one of Neko Case's lingerie shots (not that I actually have any of those in poster form). There was another one last night that involved my family, but I don't remember any of the details. And I suppose I'll finish up by mentioning one of bethje's dreams, in which Mabel was somehow stuck in a mirror.

Five lousy names for kids: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig

Seriously, though (not that I wasn't serious about those being lousy names, but it isn't exactly a valid political point), are former Hillary Clinton supporters really switching over to McCain because of his vice presidential choice? Sure, I'd like a woman president too, but not just ANY woman. If you cared more about Hillary's vagina than her stance on the issues, then YOU have some issues. And is anyone really planning on voting for Palin "because she's hot," or is that just something people are worried about? I'll admit that her glasses are cute, but I think the reason I find that kind of look attractive is the societal impression that glasses imply nerdiness. But are there any fundamentalist nerds? I won't say it's an oxymoron, but being a nerd implies that you enjoy thinking about things, and fundamentalism is all about accepting things WITHOUT thinking.