September 18th, 2008


Who needs love when there's Southern Comfort?

On Tuesday, I picked up the new solo album by Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. So what's the difference between this and a Dresden Dolls album? Well, for one thing, she's not wearing stripey tights in the album art. Also, there are some extra instrumental parts on some of the songs, including strings and horns. And while I'm not usually much good at recognizing instrumental parts, there are some piano bits that definitely sound like Ben Folds, who also co-produced the album. Otherwise, it's pretty similar, although more on the darker side of their stuff than their jokier songs. My favorite track is probably "Runs in the Family." The weirdest is a cover of "What's the Use of Wond'rin'?" from Carousel, which doesn't even have Amanda singing, and is most likely meant to be taken ironically.

I bought a ticket to see Amanda live at the TLA at the end of November, so that should be cool. I'm also considering seeing Nellie McKay, but I haven't decided yet for sure. She's apparently playing at (Le) Poisson Rouge in Manhattan in early December, although there's no mention of this show on Pollstar.
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Get N or Get Out!

First of all, here's a survey, which I took from annamatic:

1. Post the most interesting exclamation you can think of. "May thy ears become cabbages and thy tongue a sausage!"
2. If you were going to be a super villain, describe your minion. I think I might just stick with robots. They tend to be more reliable.
3. Give a short pep talk to a fish with self esteem problems. "Hey, your life is going along swimmingly!"
4. What is the most disconcerting thing you have ever stepped in/on in your bare feet? Dog piss, I think.
5. Tell us who should be rubbed out, and how should it be done. I don't know that I'd rub anyone out, but if I did I'd use the Rub spell from the first Final Fantasy game.
6. What was the most confusing stage production you have ever sat through? The version of Faust that I saw in college, which had Nazis in it.
7. What would the best drug of all time do for you? Cure every ailment, and let me fly besides. That's probably a little greedy, though, isn't it?
8. What would be the thing that you could mix with chocolate to make it lose its allure? Coffee. But I know a lot of people would disagree.
9. Who never surprises you? I think everyone surprises me at some point. I occasionally even surprise myself.
10. In the movie of your life who would play your mother? Eh, I'm never good at this sort of question. I don't really know of any actresses who remind me of my mom. Now, if it were my dad, that would be easier.

And I have a few more Captain N reviews:

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I was considering reviewing a third episode in this post, but I think it's too long already, so "Simon the Ape-Man" will have to wait. I don't think that one will be anywhere near as long as these two, though.