September 26th, 2008


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My ex-roommate Dorothea's cat Anderson had to be put to sleep today. (I hate that euphemism, but I guess it's the standard term.) He had been having problems with his urinary tract, and had surgery a few times. The vet didn't have much hope for him even when the problem first started, but I was hoping something could have been done, or at least that he'd live another year or so. Poor Anderson. :(

He liked to roll over onto his back, and I sometimes played with him then. We think he was part Maine Coon, but I don't believe he was a purebred.
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Debate or Die

So, the debate went on as scheduled, despite McCain's best efforts. I mean, was he being the kid who begs the teacher for extra time on a project they were supposed to have already finished, or what? Hey, I've been that kid before, but I never claimed to be ready to lead on day one. I've heard speculation that he wanted to postpone this debate so the vice presidential debate wouldn't happen at all, because Palin is an idiot who'd probably screw them up. But then, having an idiot in the debates can make them entertaining. I mean, who can forget Bush offering people wood, remembering Poland, and dismissing the rumors on the Internets? Too bad both Obama and McCain are competent public speakers.

It was weird how Jim Lehrer was trying so hard to get the two candidates to talk directly to each other. Of course, once they got into doing that, he was unable to get them to stop. I don't have too many specific comments on the issues raised in the debate, but what is with McCain's worship of Petraeus? And John, how does simply talking to someone like Ahmadinejad legitimize his position? What, does he think people are going to think, "Hey, if the President of the United States is talking to this guy, he must be right about Israel needing to be destroyed"? Not to mention that McCain was being totally condescending with his "oh, you're so naive, Obama" talk. And, well, I guess that's all I have for now.
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