September 29th, 2008


It's Season Premiere Time Again!

I felt that the Simpsons premiere was fairly low-key. I wouldn't expect to use a term like that in an episode about bounty hunting and erotic baking, but that's really how it came off. There were some decent enough jokes (like the Skinner and Chalmers bit; I love how they can make the most contrived, obvious jokes work), and the plot held together, but it was nothing spectacular.

I guess I also felt more or less the same about Family Guy. Some good jokes, and a cohesive plot, but it was hardly one of the all-time greats. I do have to wonder how long Brian has been an atheist. Didn't he believe in God back in the episode in which Peter pretended to have healing powers? Oh, well. It's not like it's really important. The argument over who could understand Stewie was also funny. I believe Seth MacFarlane has said that he thinks everyone can understand Stewie, but most people don't take him seriously because he's a baby. I've also heard him give other explanations, though, so I guess it's just whatever works at any particular time.

American Dad might have been the best of the three shows I watched last night, mostly because of old Steve, but Roger's constant complaints about nobody paying attention to his upcoming birthday were also amusing. I've noticed that, while AD does have plenty of goofy sci-fi/fantasy plot devices, they're all the results of top-secret government experiments. It's not like the anything-goes world of Family Guy, where some dogs talk and advertising mascots live alongside ordinary people, with no real explanation for most of it. Actually, the Simpsons episode was sort of like that, what with equivalents of the Hulk and the Thing showing up in Springfield. Of course, The Simpsons did that kind of thing long before FG was even conceived. Just think of Dr. Colossus' appearance, or the Archie gang throwing Homer out of Riverdale. But I guess FG has just taken this kind of thing to such extremes that it's what I think of when a character from some other universe appears within normal Simpsons continuity.

Three-quels, and the O'Koopa Factor

This video incorporates Super Mario Bros., Howard Phillips, and young Bill O'Reilly. What more could you ask for?

One oddity is that the one guy claims that Mario and Luigi's last name is NOT Mario, even though I'm pretty sure Shigeru Miyamoto later confirmed that it is. But then, I've also seen quotes from Miyamoto saying that the main problem with the Super Mario Bros. movie is that it was TOO CLOSE to the games, and that A Link to the Past takes place AFTER the first two Zelda games (which would make its English name kind of odd, but I'm not sure what the Japanese name is).

Come to think of it, there are at least two other series in which the third game is a prequel: Dragon Quest and Castlevania. And those are both officially referred to as Part 3, even though I guess it would make more sense for them to be Part 0 or something. The Mario series didn't start with the prequels until what I suppose would be the fifth game in the series. At least, I've occasionally seen Super Mario World subtitled "Super Mario Bros. 4," and Yoshi's Island is SMW2. The Mario sequel-numbering is kind of weird anyway, though. I mean, wasn't Super Mario Land 3 called "Wario Land," and then there were more Wario Land games after that?

Speaking of sequel numbering, I hear they're coming out with a Mega Man 9. It's received some attention for the fact that it features a Fembot Master. I guess Dr. Wily is finally interested in affirmative action. Just wait for the next game, where he has a Hispanic robot, Tortilla Man. But will they make any more regularly numbered games in the series? When Mega Man X came out, I pretty much figured they were limiting themselves to nine games in the main series, since X being the Roman numeral for ten might confuse matters if they released a Mega Man 10.

Oh, and before I end this post, I should mention that I bought a few new Mario toys at Hall of Heroes on Friday. I am now the proud owner of a stuffed Goomba, and Yoshi and Bullet Bill (not to be confused with the Bailout Bill) figures.
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