September 30th, 2008


I am programmed to play games

In this post, I offer reviews of two They Might Be Giants podcasts and two Captain N episodes. I have a feeling a large number of you aren't going to bother reading the post now, but hey, better to know that beforehand, right?

There isn't that much new in Podcast 36A. In fact, several of the songs were already played in other podcasts. There is one number I hadn't heard before, though, and that's "Kids Go" from PBS Kids. Podcast 36B is more interesting, as it plays songs from the Hello CD of the Month Club. This was something John Flansburgh ran back in 1993, four years before I got into TMBG. It's too bad I missed out on that, as it had a LOT of cool artists, and while some of the tracks have since been released elsewhere, not all of them have. Andy Partridge, Frank Black, the Minus 5, and Laura Cantrell all had material out on Hello discs. How can you possibly go wrong with a lineup like that?

And now, on to the Game Master!

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