October 3rd, 2008


Straight Talk for Joe Six-Pack

You know, Mrs. Palin, your talk about struggling to raise a family doesn't hold all that much weight with me, because:

1. You're rich.
2. Nobody made you have five kids. Even if birth control isn't an option for you, you could have had your tubes tied, or asked Todd to get a vasectomy. And you know that abstinence stuff you're trying to sell to the schoolchildren? It actually works for married couples as well! Granted, it's not the most enjoyable option, but if you can't avoid sex, what makes you think the horny teenagers can?
3. Most importantly, regardless of how much you struggled, you don't seem to want to take any effort to make things better for other struggling Americans. And no, McCain's health care plan doesn't count, unless you consider an insurance company to be a struggling family. Also, to hear someone who's fired so many people talk about job creation is like George W. Bush talking about the sanctity of life. Oh, wait. He does do that. But at least he married a librarian, instead of trying to have one fired for no real reason.

I do realize that I'm not the kind of person that politicians try to appeal to. Aside from corporate interests, they're mostly talking (and usually talking down) to Middle America. Sorry, but I'm no Joe Six-Pack, unless perhaps it's a six-pack of yogurt or applesauce. I'm not religious, I don't have or want kids, I think the government either needs to legalize gay marriage or (even better) take their nose out of marriage altogether, and I don't find it endearing to mispronounce "nuclear" or chant about oil drilling. In fact, I find the "drill, baby, drill" thing from the Republican Convention to be disturbing on pretty much every level. It's environmentally irresponsible, economically imprudent, creepy in the way that crowd chants generally are, and awkwardly violent in its sexual innuendo. But I do think the Regular Folks (and everyone else in the country, for that matter) should be entitled to a decent standard of living. Now, I'm realistic....no, wait, I'm actually not. Okay, let's say I'm not UNrealistic enough to think that every American can have everything they want. But a considerable portion of the government thinks they have $700 billion to give away free to rich people (sorry, I meant "bail out Wall Street"), yet somehow no money to put into universal health care or guaranteeing that everyone has a place to live. Funny how that works.
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