October 10th, 2008


Witchful Thinking

With October here, it's time you learned the truth about Halloween! (The video is in four parts, all of which cut off abruptly for some reason. Maybe the Devil got into her webcam.) It's a time when Druids would sacrifice animals and virgin girls to Samhain, Lord of the Dead, and leave carved pumpkins outside people's houses! Now where have I heard that before? Oh, right. From our old pal Jack, and I don't mean O'Lantern. Come on, "Samhain, God of the Dead"? First of all, it isn't pronounced "Sam Hane." And it's a time of year, not a deity. You might as well say that Christians worship a god named Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, isn't that also based on an ancient pagan festival (several of them, actually)? And while the Bible does say that witches are bad news, doesn't it also have prophets of God performing magic tricks, Saul consulting a medium with no apparent condemnation, and Jacob benefiting from practicing sympathetic magic on Laban's goats? Not to mention that it includes all kinds of animal sacrifice, and even some human sacrifice (see Judges 11). And even if all the Druid-slandering were accurate, how would that make kids dressing up and begging for candy evil? Are we not allowed to do ANYTHING that can somehow be connected to something unpleasant, however tenuously?

Ah, but this woman MUST know what she's talking about, because she used to be a practicing witch, who worshipped Diana! Wait, Diana, the Roman equivalent of Artemis? What does she have to do with witchcraft? Well, actually, I believe she was sometimes considered to be the same as Hecate, who WAS associated with witches. Really, though, it kind of sounds like she just drew the name of a goddess out of a hat. But then, a lot of neo-paganism seems to be a hodge-podge of different belief systems. Not that mainstream religions don't also have elements of other religions thrown in. Besides, most of the self-identified witches I've known were vegetarians, and hardly the sort who would sacrifice animals. I believe that the Church of Satan is also against harming animals, but there's a difference between the Satanism of Anton LaVey and actual devil worship. I don't doubt that some dumbasses make sacrifices to Satan (or some other dark lord) on Halloween. But then, there are also people who bomb abortion clinics in the name of Jesus, or fly planes into buildings in the name of Allah. I don't think any belief system is free of psychopaths, although some have more than others.

And here's a quiz result, which has nothing to do with Halloween:
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