October 16th, 2008


Taking Debate

I think it was kind of funny that McCain criticized Obama for not wanting to engage in any more town hall style debates, when he was obviously MUCH less nervous with the more typical style of last night's debate. He only said "my friends" (or maybe it was just "my friend") once that I noticed. I did get rather tired of hearing about Joe the Plumber (hey, he and Alexander the Great have the same middle name), though. Yeah, his taxes would go up if he owned his business, but wouldn't he also be making more money? I don't know. I wish they'd occasionally direct their responses to those of us who DON'T want to own our own businesses.

I also found it absurd when McCain was criticizing Obama's health care plan, saying that it might not let employers choose the plan that they think best for their employees. Um, do employers EVER do that, except possibly when their employees are friends and family? Besides, I've never totally understood the "you don't get to choose your doctor" argument, as I don't really WANT to choose my own doctor. I mean, if I'm looking at a list of doctors, how do I know which one is the best? I'd like the freedom to STOP seeing a particular doctor if they suck, but I don't think anyone is considering taking that away. Of course, this is kind of a moot point anyway, considering that Obama never said you WOULDN'T be allowed to choose your own doctor or plan under his proposal.

I appreciate that Obama actually brought up some of the things that McCain's supporters had been saying about him, and I don't think McCain really came up with a good argument. "Yes, there are a few bad apples, but the people who come to these rallies are great people!" I always figured they were just people who had enough free time and money to go to the events, which says nothing about their character. It's not McCain's fault if someone yells out "terrorist" when he's talking about Obama, but he didn't even say anything about the comment. And what about how your vice-presidential candidate claimed that Obama was "palling around with terrorists"? Is she just one of the few bad apples you mentioned? The whole Ayers thing is really grasping at straws anyway.

Oh, and I liked how the moderator called bullshit on both candidates' claims about not raising taxes. Yeah, I'm sure that, what with the economic crisis, two wars, and a huge national debt, we can cut taxes with no problem! And speaking of the economic situation, remember how McCain mentioned how throwing money at something (it might have had to do with education, but I can't recall for sure) was a bad idea? You mean like the government threw a bunch of money at Wall Street?

The Lincoln Log

Our next They Might Be Giants to examine is, of course, Lincoln. If you missed my review of the first album, you can find it here. The band's second album is the one that I'll usually name if someone asks what my favorite is, although it's really pretty much tied with some of the other early ones.

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Next time, we take a look at Flood, which at least at one point was the one that people who only owned one TMBG album would almost inevitably have. I don't know whether that's still true, but it wouldn't surprise me.
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