November 6th, 2008


A Steel-Drivin' Album

The fifth official studio album from They Might Be Giants is the first one they recorded after they began touring with a full band, often including horn players. I've heard that there was a certain amount of backlash at the band and this album back then, but now it seems to be a favorite of a lot of fans. I guess time proved the Johns right. The title is, of course, a reference to the legend of the railroad worker who beat the steam drill, with the live drummer having beat out the drum machine. John Linnell would later name his son Henry, but there's no telling whether that had anything to do with the title of this album.

This remains TMBG's longest album, with a whopping twenty tracks, many of them longer than the songs on previous releases. And I do think there's somewhat of a different sound to it (more horns, more solos, more direct angst in the vocals, more soft verses with loud choruses, etc.), I don't like it any less for that reason.

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Next up will, of course, be Factory Showroom. After that, it becomes a little more of a toss-up, but I'm thinking I might try doing a double-review of both Severe Tire Damage AND Long Tall Weekend the week after that.

I would rather have dinner with my murderer than my castrator

I haven't discussed the Halloween podcast from They Might Be Giants yet, have I? Well, it's not as good as the last time they did a Halloween podcast, by any means. There's a song about voting (or not), and a few poems for which I don't know the TMBG connection (aside from the similar sense of humor). I've never been able to get into Homestar Runner, but the crystal fortress song is pretty catchy. I like "Now Is Strange" a lot, but I can already listen to it any time I want.

And here's a meme that I got from ozma914:

If you are reading this, post a picture of a cat in your journal. (Your cat, a lolcat, or someone else's cat. But preferably yours, if possible.)
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