November 13th, 2008


A Food-Filled Day

Happy birthday to daveychu, my senior by five days.

So, my day wasn't especially eventful, but I DID go out to eat twice, with different people. In the morning, my mom came over from Pennsylvania, and we met at a diner where we'd eaten a few times before. I ended up arriving late, because I tried to find the quickest route there, and I couldn't find the streets that were on the map. Those country roads all twist and turn in weird directions, making it difficult to go anywhere directly. I guess that's one of the hazards of rural driving, as opposed to the hazards of urban driving, like cars driving with hardly any space in between and all the streets being one-way. Every area has its own variety of suckiness when it comes to driving.

In the evening, bethje, Dorothea, and I went to eat at Pizzeria Uno, which was apparently voted one of the healthiest restaurants, or something like that. That probably doesn't pertain to the deep-dish pepperoni pizza, which is what I usually get. I guess their pizza does have chunks of tomato, which might be healthier than tomato sauce. I used to really not like their pizza because of that, but I've since come to enjoy it. I'm not quite as bothered by tomatoes as I was in my childhood, even though I still don't like them raw. Oh, and I also feel I should mention that Uno's shrimp and crab fondue is really good.

Finally, I picked up a free sample of the sketchbook for Marvel's upcoming Wonderful Wizard of Oz comic, drawn by Skottie Young and written by Eric Shanower. The art is kind of weird (you can see some samples here), but I'm looking forward to it.
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