November 14th, 2008


Video Dreams

In a dream last night, I was playing a video game that, for some reason, required two TV sets. I started the game and chose my character (and I think the playable characters were veterans of other games; I know Marle from Chrono Trigger was one of them) on one TV downstairs, and then actually played the game on another one upstairs. I had reached a village where everyone talked in riddles, and I eventually learned I had to go back to the first town and rescue somebody from prison. It was more interesting in the dream than it sounds in waking life.

I have a lot of video game dreams, and while they're usually not all that interesting to remember, there are a few that I feel I should mention. There was one in which I was playing the original Final Fantasy, and found a castle inhabited by German double-S characters. There was also one with one of the towns in a Dragon Quest game being inhabited entirely by rabbits, which is something I'd expect more from the Breath of Fire series. Oh, and there was another featuring a game with a Sims-like interface that had me controlling a pirate captain, who accidentally threw up from the top of a mast or something, and hung his head in shame. I can remember bits of others as well, including one that had something to do with a floating island ruled by Wendy O. Koopa, and another with characters building a town on a ship (and I think Kabumpo from the Oz books might have been involved in this activity). And a fairy recent one had a part where I had to freeze my entire party in cryogenic chambers, but I couldn't manage to finish. While I think the game was supposed to be Final Fantasy Legend III (which actually has a time machine, not cryogenic freezing), my inability to gather everyone in one place was probably Sims-inspired.

Writer's Block: Wild Rumpus

A lot of characters in kids' books have it pretty good, from calling the start of the wild rumpus to ordering room service from their hotel suite. If you could be any character from children's literature, who would you be?

Randywell of Regalia, hero of Ruth Plumly Thompson's The Purple Prince of Oz and The Silver Princess in Oz, comes to mind. I mean, it wouldn't be so bad to be good friends with Kabumpo and Jinnicky, and be married to a hot girl from outer space, would it? Actually ruling Regalia sounds like it would be kind of tedious, though. I also wouldn't mind being Number Nine, the Wizard's assistant in the John R. Neill books, as long as it was after the events of The Wonder City of Oz. The poor kid has a pretty rough time in that story.