November 21st, 2008


Sounds of the Season

It's about time for the radio stations to start playing Christmas music, and here I am without a functioning car radio. At least that means I won't have to hear that "Christmas Shoes" song, though. I can't believe I know people who actually think that song is a tearjerker. Come on, a kid's mom dying on Christmas is just too easy. It's schmaltzier than a kosher deli, and some people are buying it. No wonder everyone has such a low opinion of the American public. I do like Christmas songs in general, though.

Speaking of Christmas songs, thanks to the Allan Sherman box set that I just got (thank you, bethje!), I learned that the version of "The Twelve Gifts of Christmas" that I've known for years is actually slightly edited. The fifth gift was originally identified as "statue of a NAKED lady with a clock where her stomach ought to be." Interesting, huh? Well, it was to me, anyway.

Last night, Beth and I went to see her cousin in The Crucible, which was a lot longer than I would have expected. I'd seen the movie before, but I didn't remember it too well. I have to wonder if the Puritans were really as dumb and repressive as history and popular culture make them out to be. I know all societies are subject to mass hysteria and such, but the Puritans seemed to be over the top even so.