December 3rd, 2008


I'm Okay, You're Too Fat

I'd heard about Roadrunner Records not wanting to promote Amanda Palmer's "Leeds United" video because she looked too fat in some shots before, but I thought it was something worth sounding off on. (Off on? That's some weird phrasing, right there.) jenhime provided this link, and Amanda tells the whole story here. I see two different issues here, one being that I've never thought Amanda WAS fat, and I doubt I would have noticed her belly in the video if I hadn't been alerted about it about of time. But I've never quite understood what the entertainment industry considers "fat." I mean, maybe I'm misremembering, but I'm pretty sure I've seen Pink referred to as "plus size." But the other more important issue is, so what if she IS? I'm not going to say image isn't important, because image is a significant part of what Amanda does. But since that image isn't supposed to be that of a flapper, supermodel, or refugee, I don't see how her belly size is at all relevant. I can't say I understand why entertainers are supposed to be skinnier than ever before, even when pretty much the opposite is the case with the American population in general. And why the double standard? I'm not saying fat guys don't get mocked, but they don't seem to undergo the same prejudice that overweight girls do. Oh, but the Roadrunner A&R person is a guy, so he understands what people like. He said so himself, after all.
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