December 10th, 2008


Hey Rubiss!

Since I already did a post on the powers behind one fantasy universe this week, I might as well do another regarding video games. Specifically, I'll be looking at the Dragon Quest series. In the first three games, the creator of the world was known as Rubiss. She doesn't appear at all in the original game at all (at least as far as I know), but the second game presents her as a mysterious figure who lives deep in the basement of an isolated temple in the middle of the ocean. She's invisible, and I think I saw at least one guide to the game that got her gender wrong. Her main role in the game is to give you a charm that dispels the illusions in Hargon's castle, and she also has a speech after you beat the big bosses. In DQ3 (which is actually a prequel), she's been turned to stone by the Master Archfiend Zoma (the guy in my icon), and you have to restore her with the Fairy Flute. She also has an elf-like assistant who hangs out in the swamp. I've always kind of wondered why more elves didn't appear in a world called Alfegard, but maybe they keep out of sight.

I don't believe Rubiss is in any other games, but the fourth one introduces a new god-like figure, Master Dragon. He rules the cloud-bound kingdom of Zenithia, and watches over the world from there. During the course of the game, he revives the heroes when they die, and carries them out of Necrosaro's hideout at the end. I understand that he also shows up in the next two games, although I haven't played them. (Here's hoping they'll get DS releases.) From what I've heard, you have to rescue him in at least one of them, so I guess he's no more omnipotent than Rubiss.

I've played but never finished DQ7, but that one has a significant role for God Himself, who's presented as the stereotypical Bearded Guy in the Sky. The Demon Lord of the game disguises himself as the big guy, and I think there's even a bonus dungeon where you can fight God. It's a surprisingly monotheistic game. Even though other gods do appear, they eventually reveal that they're not actually deities. If these games all take place in the same world (which is a doubtful proposition, but kind of fun to think about), maybe Rubiss and Master Dragon are also representatives of God. After all, I can't recall anyone actually worshipping them. Or maybe God is really LESS powerful than them, and just pretends He's all-powerful.
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