December 11th, 2008


There are no words for me inside your dictionary

All right, here's something that I found worth addressing. The makers of Oxford's Junior Dictionary decided to reflect a "modern, multicultural, multifaith society" by removing words associated with British history and Christianity, as well as several sorts of animals and plants. If the point is to make the dictionary "multifaith," then why not add words reflecting other religions, like, say, "rabbi" or "imam"? (These particular words might well already be in this dictionary, but I think you get my point.) And while I do think some of the words they put in are good additions, why "blog"? Isn't that really a slang term anyway? And "EU" is an abbreviation for a proper name, which would make it doubly invalid in Scrabble. Now, if this were an unabridged dictionary, I'd expect those words to be in there. Bit isn't it more important for a kid to know what a raven is? How else are they going to read Poe?
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