December 17th, 2008


Mana (That's What I Want)

Today, I'd like to talk a little bit about the Super Nintendo game Secret of Mana. A blog I recently started following actually had a post on that game and its never-released-in-the-States sequel recently, but I was thinking of writing about it even before that. It was basically an action role-playing game, with Zelda-like gameplay in a Final Fantasy sort of world. I watched my brother play through the whole thing, and it had some awesome elements. Collapse )

As I mentioned, the immediate sequel to this game was never released in this country, but some later ones were. And the American version of Square came up with another game in much the same vein that wasn't really a sequel, called The Secret of Evermore. This game stars a kid who's obsessed with B-movies and his shape-shifting dog. A little cheesy, I suppose, but interesting. One thing I particularly remember about it is a cameo appearance by Cecil Harvey, the hero of Final Fantasy IV, who's living out his retirement as a shopkeeper in Ebon Keep. Minor crossovers between otherwise unrelated video games might well be something I'll address in a future post.