December 25th, 2008


Christmas Viewing

Eh, Christmas Day is always kind of disappointing after all the build-up of the season, and it doesn't really feel like it should be Christmas anyway. Oh, well. Last night, bethje and I watched a few Christmas-related items. First, she flipped through the channels, and found that a lot of what was on wasn't at all holiday-related. And some things were undoubtedly holiday-related, yet still crappy. One channel was showing nothing but The Santa Clause 3 for twenty-four hours. Okay, I could see doing that with A Christmas Story, but The Santa Clause 3 doesn't exactly have that kind of classic status. And really, considering how bad the first two were, I'm not entirely sure how they managed to to justify a third one. I mean, this is a series of movies that wants us to believe that: 1) Santa Claus is the person who caused the death of his predecessor (yeah, that's EXACTLY the kind of person I'd want sneaking into kids' homes at night), and 2) Tim Allen is actually successful at this job. We only saw the first half hour of this final entry in the trilogy, but we got to experience a joke about reindeer farting, and isn't that what Christmas is all about? You know, people complained about Silent Night, Deadly Night (which we watched a little while ago), yet I think that was a lot less disrespectful to the spirit of the season than giving gas problems to Santa's sleigh-pullers.

We also watched a little bit of It's a Wonderful Life, which I've seen most of at one time or other, but I don't think I've ever actually sat through the whole thing at one time. Weird, huh? Hey, remember the part at the beginning with the nebulae talking to each other while flashing? No, you've probably blocked it out of your memory, because it totally doesn't fit in with the rest of the movie. But I guess that was the best way they could think of to show a conversation between angels.

Another thing that was on last night was the Fox & Friends Christmas Special. No, really. It had Steve Doocy reading The Night Before Christmas, and a comedy bit by Neil Cavuto and Donald Trump. Yes, it's just as bad as it sounds, and on top of that, it's totally half-assed. I don't think anyone rehearsed for it, up to and including the supposed professional opera soprano who forgot the words to "Away in a Manger." (Granted, it was in one of later verses that hardly anybody knows anyway, but you would have thought she'd have been over it a few times.) Also, for some reason, Kristin Chenoweth showed up to sing some songs. I suppose going from Wicked to Fox News is a logical step, isn't it? :P

Finally, we actually watched all of something, and that was P2, a horror movie with somewhat of a holiday theme, in that it takes place on Christmas Eve. Basically, what happens is that a woman is kidnapped by a psychotic parking garage security guard, which doesn't give me much faith in New York City's hiring policies. Beth said she actually thought the guy was kind of cute, but then, she thought the same thing about Cillian Murphy's character in Red Eye.

Our final choice of viewing for the night was Home Alone, which we've made an annual tradition in recent years. Because, really, what exemplifies the spirit of Christmas more than young Macaulay Culkin beating up on the voice-over guy from The Wonder Years? Well, except possibly those farting reindeer. Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

And while I'm talking about holiday viewing, here are some online videos to check out:

The Angry Video Game Nerd's Bible Games, Part 2. And, if you missed it before, here's Part 1, from 2006.
The Top 10 Disturbing and Inescapable Christmas Songs

And now I'm watching The Year Without a Santa Claus, in which Santa is played by Mickey Rooney. He, of course, went on to further cement his place in the Christmas season by writing a bitchy letter about Silent Night, Deadly Night, and by playing the insane owner of a novelty shop on a Christmas episode of Full House. And...well, that's all I have to say for now. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Presenting the Presents

At bethje's house today, some of her relatives came over for Christmas dinner, which consisted of ham, lasagna, and some other stuff. No turkey or goose, though. A little later, we opened our presents, which is never really a communal activity these days. The items I got were:

  • Two shirts
  • Two sweaters
  • A pair of khaki pants
  • Denny's and Applebee's gift cards (the latter for me to share with Beth)
  • A Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer mug
  • An orange, a banana, an apple, some chocolates, Kool-Aid, and Goldfish crackers
  • The Space Quest collection
  • Sacrifice, the second volume of Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze
  • Because I can't get enough of Shanower drawings, The Rundelstone of Oz, which he illustrated
  • The Streets of Ankh-Morpork, the first of the Discworld Mapps, and I believe the only one I didn't yet own
  • The DS version of Chrono Trigger, which includes a poster
  • Separated by Birth, the first album by Vermillion Lies
  • Noble Hatch, by Amy Miles
  • I'm Lonely (and I Love It), by Future Bible Heroes
  • Coat of Many Cupboards, the XTC box set
  • A DVD of Labyrinth

I'm still not sure when I'm going to exchange presents with my own family. I sent a present to my dad, and went in with my siblings on something for my mom, but I have yet to give anything to my siblings themselves.
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