March 1st, 2009


My Other Car Is a Unicorn

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While this is the end of the movies, I have heard rumors that they might be bringing the show back for another actual season. I'm hoping they're true, as the prospect of Futurama actually being totally over isn't a pleasant one. If this really IS how they're going to end the whole thing, though, it's a pretty decent ending.

My rails ran straight, but straight into the wall

The next in my series of XTC album reviews is the seriously underrated The Big Express.

This is an album that even I often forget when thinking of my favorite XTC recordings, yet there are so many great songs on it. There's a general sense of noisiness to the whole thing, which makes for some interesting arrangements. I know some people have criticized the album for its use of drum machines, but they really don't appear on that many of the tracks. Anyway, let's get this show on the road. Or rather, the tracks.

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Anniversary Antics

Hey, it's our anniversary! Well, sort of. Since bethje and I got married on the twenty-ninth of February, I guess we won't technically have an anniversary until 2012. But it HAS been a year, and we were considering eating dinner at the same place we had our small reception in order to commemorate that. The only problem is that we found out they're cafeteria-style most of the time, and we didn't want to have to figure out the ordering system. So we ended up going to the Olive Garden instead, which I guess wasn't as special, but it was still good. I had the four-cheese mezzaluna with sausage (which, like most of the better dishes there, is only available for a limited time), and I enjoyed it, even if Beth didn't. (She didn't order it, but I gave her a bite of mine.)

After dinner, we went to Atlantic City and walked on the Boardwalk, which was cool, but we didn't see any cats. (For those of you who don't know, there are stray cats living under the Boardwalk, especially near the Trump Taj Mahal.) Beth was on the lookout for video roulette machines, but we didn't find any. So we didn't do any gambling, but that's fine with me. And when we got home, we watched Into the Wild Green Yonder, on which I've already commented. So I guess that brings us up to the present, at least as far as anything actually interesting goes. But since I took some personality tests, I'm going to include my results in this post as well.

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Funny jokes make me hungry

And that's why I totally lost my appetite during the most recent Simpsons episode. No, seriously, it wasn't that bad, just a little...tired, I guess. It had a decent premise, but I think they would have done a much better job with it back in the show's heyday. The scene of Homer trying to prevent injuries was clever, and Superintendent Chalmers was amusing as usual. Between the long opening and the montage of Homer getting injured, though, I have to wonder if they even bothered coming up with enough jokes or development for an entire episode. Maybe they just wanted to make sure nothing relevant would be cut in syndication.

I don't have too much to say about the American Dad episode, aside from pointing out that the flying old lady seemed a bit out of place for the show. Pretty good episode overall, though.

And now it's snowing outside, which sucks, but at least I don't have anywhere to go tomorrow. Well, okay, I'm taking bethje to work, if it's open. And I think I might have to fax some things. But neither of those things will require driving all that far.