May 7th, 2009



  • 06:21 Today is the anniversary of both the Hindenburg disaster and the Chinese Exclusion Act. #
  • 06:25 Finally got issue #5 of the Wizard of Oz comic. That's one creepy-looking Wicked Witch of the West! #
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Come on, Lexo, what you got next-o?

So, bethje and I went to Philadelphia last night to see a Franz Ferdinand concert at the Electric Factory. The last few times they'd played in the area, there was pretty much inevitably another concert we were already seeing on the same night, but things worked out better this time. We sat on the balcony, right near the railing, which was cool aside from the fact that someone spilled their beer on the ledge. I can't say I've ever quite understood why there's so much spilled beer at concerts. If I had paid the prices that these venues charge, I'd make sure to drink every drop! The opening band was called Born Ruffians, and I honestly didn't pay much attention to them. Pretty generic, I thought. Franz Ferdinand did a good set, including most of their hits. It did bug me that, between the noisy crowd and not-so-great sound system, I wasn't able to understand anything Alex said when he talked. That wasn't as much of a loss as it would be at some shows, though, since it was mostly just one song after another.
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