May 15th, 2009



  • 11:37 You know, the sentence "This song is just six words long" is actually SEVEN words. So is "I got my mind set on you." #
  • 11:47 Carrie Prejean and Bristol Palin are engaged! #falserumorthursday #
  • 20:02 I can't understand the mindset that says not to take care of rental things. I'd think that would mean you should take BETTER care of them. #
  • 20:16 You know, you have to pay extra to have pets at an apartment, but not to have kids, even though I've known some kids who were much worse. #
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Writer's Block: BFF

Who was your first friend on LiveJournal? Are they still on your Friends list?

Probably bethje, although I know I added every LJ person I remembered from the TMBG Off-Topic List pretty much immediately. And yes, they're all still there. I'll generally only remove someone if they either delete their journal or remove me first.

So, it's the fifteenth of May (in the Jungle of Nool?), which means it's the one hundred fifty-third birthday of the late Lyman Frank Baum, my favorite author and possessor of one of my favorite mustaches.

In honor of Baum's birthday, check out this post by Jared Davis. The podcast you can download from there includes me, reading a chapter from The Emerald City of Oz. I haven't listened to the whole podcast yet, but I'll admit that I probably read a little too fast. From what I can remember, that's been the case since kindergarten. I also can't do voices, but I at least tried to use appropriate tones. You can let me know whether you think I succeeded.

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