May 26th, 2009



  • 03:19 The transcripts on "To Catch a Predator" contain so many misspelled words. Does being a pedophile automatically make you illiterate as well? #
  • 03:20 Allison should totally have won American Idol. I blame the teenybopper girls. Not that it really matters. #
  • 13:25 Just re-watched the animated "Tin Woodman of Oz," in preparation for my review #
  • 14:35 @Clamanity Well, it's pretty obvious by now that winning has absolutely nothing to do with how successful you'll be. #
  • 14:35 @samuraifrog What? This didn't have anything to do with Denise Milani's nipples, did it? #
  • 14:53 Happy African Liberation Day! Oh, and Memorial Day as well, to us Americans. #
  • 15:30 @samuraifrog But why did the ex-soldier recommend suicide? #
  • 19:48 As a mythology buff, I'd be more interested in Memorial Day if it were dedicated to Ares or Mithra. #
  • 20:10 I love how the new Star Trek movie has a substance simply known as "red matter." Maybe it was named after its discoverer, Red Mattersley. #
  • 20:18 Spock's mom's last name is Grayson? I wonder if she's related to the original Robin. #
  • 20:37 Ain't nothing in the world like a green-skinned girl, but that don't mean to say you can't look. #
  • 20:48
    NOM is at it again. Apparently they feel they haven't been mocked enough already. #
  • 20:48 Seriously, how would changing the definition of marriage affect kids who don't even know what it means in the first place? #
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Kids Are Idiots, Too!

It looks like NOM is at it again. This time, their argument is basically that we can't allow gay marriage because kids will get confused. It's the same basic argument I've heard from Bill O'Reilly and his ilk about this and other subjects. Anything that violates rigid fundamentalist concepts of gender and sexuality is just going to be so gosh-darned confusing to those impressionable little minds. While I haven't followed the nature vs. nurture debate closely enough to determine whether the prevailing wisdom is that there are NO inborn gender differences and prejudices, it seems pretty likely to me that most of this stuff bothers crusty old representatives of the Religious Right MUCH more than it does actual children. Maybe I'm being overly idealistic, but my limited experience with kids, as well as what I can remember from actually BEING a kid, leads me to believe that the youth isn't quite as dumb as a lot of us would like to think. Would any kid REALLY ever utter any of the lines from this commercial without having been fed them by an adult? I tend to doubt it. Why is the idea of same-sex marriage supposed to be so much more complicated than heterosexual marriage? If someone has no prior beliefs to draw on, doesn't it seem like they'd both be about equally confusing? I'm sure these parents who object to gay marriage are already going out of their way to avoid mentioning sexuality to their children, so what's wrong with accepting another flavor of sexuality that they're just going to avoid mentioning anyway?

The Other Side of the World

The land where Quox lives lies on the other side of the world from Oz. If you're wondering what I mean by "the other side of the world," I mean that the characters in Tik-Tok of Oz reached it by falling down a tube tunneled and built through the planet by the magician Hiergargo. It's explained that they can fall all the way through due to acceleration, but Quox has no trouble flying slowly through the whole thing, so I have to suspect that some sort of magic is at work. Assuming the tube runs more or less straight through the center of the Earth, this other country would be located at the antipodes of Oz (or of Ev, anyway). So where's that? Well, we obviously don't know exactly where Oz is located, and some people suspect it isn't on our planet at all. I get the impression that Baum originally intended it to be, and the idea of a land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that hadn't been discovered yet was more tenable in his time than ours. He does refer to the Ozian island-continent as being in the Nonestic Ocean, but is it possible that this is just the local name for the body of water? After all, it could technically be argued that the Earth has only one ocean anyway, with the divisions being more of a cultural thing than anything else. Ruth Plumly Thompson makes things a little more difficult by having Captain Salt sail across the Nonestic to the long continent of Tarara, which might be a little harder to hide. Nonetheless, the previous book (Speedy in Oz) had Umbrella Island flying over both Oz and the United States with no indication of world-jumping technology being employed. It's a rather common thought among fans nowadays that Oz is in another dimension, but what does this actually MEAN? It certainly wouldn't be a dimension in the sense that length, width, height, and time are considered to be dimensions. Perhaps a better term would be "astral plane," but even that is pretty ambiguous. Regardless, if Oz IS located on Earth, it's probably in the Pacific not too far from America, which would make its antipodes somewhere in the Indian.

Baum seems to have wanted to give his other-side-of-the-world fairyland (I believe it was Aaron Adelman who suggested the name "Antozia") a sort of Oriental flavor, with its dragons that are noble instead of vicious. It's also the homeland of a fellowship of fairy kings and queens, led by the Private Citizen, also known as the Great Jinjin. His name is Tititi-Hoochoo, which has kind of a smutty sound to it, but the most likely explanation I've seen for it is that it's supposed to sound like a sneeze. Not much has been done with the Antozian lands, but a few characters did pay a visit there in The Gardener's Boy of Oz, which reveals that Tititi-Hoochoo's country borders on the Land of Sour Notes.