May 29th, 2009



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Here's a fandom meme, which I got from poisonyoulove:

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2. Do you think that you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4. Do you participate in this fandom (fan fiction, graphics, discussions)?
5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

I was given The Simpsons, They Might Be Giants, and Kids in the Hall, so let me start:

The Simpsons:
1. Well, it is (or at least was) an excellent show, and I was about the right age, you know? I watched it from the beginning, but didn't become a really dedicated fan until around the fifth and sixth seasons.

2. I'm pretty sure I'll watch it until it finally becomes unprofitable. And I have the DVD sets, so there's a good chance I'll come back to certain episodes even after cancellation. So yeah, I guess I'm staying.

3. I think the show hit its peak in the fifth through seventh seasons. Ones that immediately come to mind as favorites are "Homer the Heretic," "Bart Sells His Soul," and "Much Apu About Nothing."

4. I used to read and post to the newsgroup back in my college days. Now, my only real contribution is writing reviews of the new episodes on my journal.

5. I'm not sure that's possible. The show has been around long enough and been such a fixture in the past two decades that I can't imagine anyone who has access to a TV not having watched it at least occasionally.

They Might Be Giants:
1. I'd heard some of their songs prior to college and liked them, but it was really during college that I got into them. I lived in a nerd dorm, so there were a lot of other fans around. {g}

2. I'm really not a moving-on kind of guy. I add new interests and sometimes temporarily put old ones on the back burner, but it's rare for me to totally lose interest in anything. So no, I don't expect to move on from TMBG, even if they stop making music.

3. I'd still say my overall favorite song of theirs is "It's Not My Birthday." Other high-ranking ones are "Reprehensible," "Dinner Bell," and "Sleeping in the Flowers."

4. I used to be a pretty frequent poster on the newsgroup and the now-defunct e-mail list.

5. Yes, but annoying frat boys and the like need not apply.

Kids in the Hall:
1. bethje, basically. She was a fan before she knew me, and got me interested as well.

2. Well, I plan to remain at least as long as it takes me to watch the rest of the episodes. {g}

3. I haven't seen all of them yet, so I don't really want to pick right now. I do have to say that "The Dr. Seuss Bible" works for me on several levels, though. {g}

4. No, but I've really only become a fan recently anyway.

5. Yeah, I think so.

And while no one chose this for me, I'm also going to answer these questions for Oz.

1. Return to Oz piqued my interest, but it was my dad giving me copies of the first two books to read that really resulted in my immersing myself in L. Frank Baum's world.

2. While nobody knows what the future will bring, I have to say my interest hasn't particularly flagged in the past twenty years, and I would expect it to remain.

3. The Patchwork Girl of Oz is my overall favorite.

4. Quite a bit, actually. I've written my own stories, participated in both scholarly and light-hearted discussions, and attended conventions.

5. Definitely. More people need to read these books.

If anyone else wants to do this, let me know!