June 14th, 2009


I Wanna Be a Monster-Maniac

bethje and I have been to all twelve Monster-Mania Conventions in Cherry Hill, and the organizers just recently decided to have one in Connecticut as well. So we decided to attend, although we're not sure we'll go back if they ever have another one up there. It was kind of a long drive, during which I had to keep hearing the All-American Rejects hoping that it gives you hell, and Fergie announcing that she has that boom-boom-pow. Anyway, we stopped in Manhattan, because Stephanie M. had invited us to her birthday party, and it was my first time driving in New York City. It was pretty crazy, but we survived. What was harder to bear was paying $35 for parking. When I park in Philadelphia, I think $20 is pretty ridiculous. The party was at a bar, and I'm not generally much for bars, as they're just too noisy. I don't regret going, though. We got to meet therealtavie's twin sister Kirsten (who looks nothing like her), and see not_glimmer again before her return to Oregon.

The drive the rest of the way to Cromwell, Connecticut (which is near Hartford, not incredibly far from the Massachusetts border) was pretty uneventful, although we DID see a car that hit the jersey barrier and somehow caught on fire. Also, I learned that the Triborough Bridge is now the RFK Bridge. (Anyone remember when They Might Be Giants had an instrumental called "Triborough"? If they brought it back, would they have to call it "RFK"? {g}) Anyway, we stayed at a Super 8, and ate a late dinner at the not-very-good Cromwell Diner.

In the morning, we headed over to the Crowne Plaza where the convention was being held. I don't think it's as big as the one in Cherry Hill, but since there were fewer attendees, I suppose it didn't need to be. As usual, we primarily attended the question-and-answer sessions, the first three of which were with Ricou Browning (the Creature from the Black Lagoon for the underwater shots), Chris Sarandon (the vampire from Fright Night and the speaking voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas), and Tony Moran (one of the people who played Michael Myers in the first Halloween). Tony put his girlfriend on speaker phone for his session, which was pretty cool, but the fact that she was only twenty-four might not be. Oh, well. I guess the dating rules are different when you've played a character in a classic horror movie who wears a mask and doesn't talk. {g}

We weren't interested in seeing the Jason Mewes panel, so we took some time to check out the dealer room and hang out in the lobby before coming back for Sid Haig, who always puts on a fun session. Next came the Ladies of the Evil Dead, who were the three female characters from the original Evil Dead, all of whom have been doing the convention circuit together. I was kind of interested to learn that one of them was named Betsy Baker, which I believe was an alternate name that L. Frank Baum considered for Betsy Bobbin. (It all comes back to Oz, doesn't it? :P) Then came Bruce Campbell, who was quite entertaining, and was followed up by the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street reunions. Robert Englund was there, as was the hall monitor from the first Nightmare movie.

We had dinner at Friendly's, and then drove back home. Quite a long drive by my standards, but I thought it would be even worse if we stopped somewhere, so we just drove the whole distance from Cromwell back home. And that's about all I have to say. Well, actually, it isn't, but I think I should save the rest for another post. I will, however, link to the pictures I took:

Stephanie's party