July 22nd, 2009


The Mayan Countdown

The latest Bullshit! episode was about people thinking the world would end in 2012, based on the Mayan calendar. I've already covered this topic, but the show was still entertaining. There was one guy on there who insisted that, based on information he'd received during a UFO abduction, a brown dwarf star was going to collide with the Earth in December 2012, and for some reason he called the star "Planet X." Why call something a planet when you don't even think it IS one? Honestly, it kind of surprises me how many people buy into the 21 December 2012 date. For instance, TV preacher Jack Van Impe has recently latched onto it as the ending date for the world, despite the fact that the Mayans have nothing to do with the Bible. I guess that, since 2000 didn't pan out, the doomsayers have to go with SOME new date that's not too far away, and this was the best they could do. One thing that Penn and Teller didn't address was what would actually happen on the winter solstice in 2012, which some people think has something to do with a conjunction between the Sun, the Milky Way, and the plane of the ecliptic. I'm not sure if that idea has been verified by actual science, however, which could be why it wasn't mentioned on the show.

bethje and I also watched Unbreakable recently, and it was probably my favorite of the M. Night Shyamalan movies that I've seen. Okay, that's actually only a total of three films, but Beth tells me that The Village has much the same problem as the others, i.e., being really slow-moving. It seems like Shyamalan can come up with some decent ideas, but not enough to fill a full-length movie, so he pads them out ridiculously. The thing is, I actually found Unbreakable pretty interesting until close to the end, when it started to get unnecessarily slow. And how many times does Shyamalan have to use water as a weakness? Didn't he pretty much steal that from The Wizard of Oz anyway?

From Twitter 07-21-2009

  • 01:31:59: Did Jack Van Impe really say that the Jews had no homeland since Nebuchadnezzar's conquest? What about the Maccabean period?
  • 01:32:53: In event of rapture, this car will be unmanned. Jesus will love the flaming wreck that results.
  • 01:33:26: The preacher on TV is Dr. Creflo Dollar. Wow, he tells you right in his last name what his actual goal is!
  • 01:36:10: @JaredofMo I agree. They're actually considering a BttF remake? Well, maybe they'll do a time-travel reset like with Star Trek.
  • 01:38:35: @JaredofMo I'm planning a remake of "Return to Oz." In my version, Ozma is eaten by a Rak, and Dorothy marries the Nome King.
  • 01:41:46: Chris Brown and Harry Potter are both trending topics. I assume the reason is that they found out Chris actually killed Dumbledore.
  • 01:42:38: See, when Dumbledore threw Chris Brown's wand out the window of the Knight Bus, Chris slammed the wizard's head into the windshield.
  • 01:43:19: Yeah, I'm kind of reaching with that one, aren't I?
  • 01:55:15: Dumpster swimming pool in Brooklyn http://bit.ly/3J7d3y
  • 14:54:24: http://bit.ly/PXqRW
    Super Keyboard Cat Bros.
  • 15:01:43: "Funk Pop a Roll" promo video http://bit.ly/Cc2GI
  • 15:02:05: Jack Van Impe seems to regard Oprah as a false prophet. Hey, something we can agree on!
  • 16:16:08: Skottie Young's take on the Scarecrow's brains looks rather frightening.

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Obeying the Summons

One element that frequently appears in the Final Fantasy series is the ability to summon monsters to aid you in battle. The summoned monsters have different names in different games (Espers in FF6, Guardian Forces in FF8, etc.), but they're basically the same, and a lot of the same monsters show up as summons in different games. There are lists of them online, but I'm just going to feature a few of the more prominent ones in this entry.

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