July 31st, 2009


From Twitter 07-30-2009

  • 00:26:47: The top six trending topics read as follows: "Twitter overwhelms Harry Potter, Wendy Williams. Goodnight, AT&T Cyclops."
  • 00:27:36: So Harry could handle Voldemort, but Twitter was just too much for him?
  • 00:28:31: We're back from seeing Neko Case. And now I should go to bed.
  • 11:12:28: I ended up only temping for an hour and a half today. I left my lunch there, though, and I'm not sure what I'll do about that.
  • 11:48:38: I fell asleep the first time I tried to watch the Bullshit episode about lie detectors, so I watched it all the way through just now.
  • 12:09:17: I'm looking forward to Penn and Teller's Vatican episode, but not so much to the one on taxes.
  • 12:12:24: Stomp box, voice of fear, pour the poison in my ear.
  • 12:12:49: Come sit right here and sleep while I slip poison in your ear.
  • 12:51:55: @jlbellwriter Well, be sure to stop by Bloomingdale's on the way there.
  • 12:55:49: @TarynAria Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century?
  • 12:58:51: RT @willmatheson Get me a ticket to India! http://www.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUSTRE56M3G020090723
  • 13:07:53: Was "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" about his failure to conquer India?
  • 13:15:37: @michaelianblack and @mshowalter totally clogged up my Twitter page. Guess they really DO have issues.
  • 13:19:07: @TarynAria And all this time, I thought he wanted to destroy TMBG!
  • 13:20:40: @alyankovic Yeah, I think that's actually a caricature of Hillary Clinton.
  • 13:23:24: @jfruh Saying "United States" is a security risk because otherwise the terrorists would think they were entering Mongolia.
  • 15:15:39: Isn't "bucolic agrarian compound" a bit redundant?
  • 17:54:06: They played a Bird and the Bee song at Applebee's today.
  • 17:54:19: Say my name, say my name, say my stupid name.
  • 20:36:30: Homeopathic medicine http://bit.ly/T0nGB
  • 21:05:15: According to this article, John Travolta is essentially a prisoner of Scientology. http://tinyurl.com/nv6mmt
  • 21:19:44: I heard on the radio that Sean Hannity is visiting Don Imus' ranch soon. Wouldn't that result in too much douchebaggery in one spot?
  • 21:22:10: An article on the 2012 apocalypse deal http://bit.ly/16c0kK
  • 23:08:31: @JaredofMo Yes, as well as a retractable arm and built-in toaster. She's a top-of-the-line model!
  • 23:09:40: @3x1minus1 Nah, bacon is more versatile, and doesn't favor a tax increase on the poor.
  • 23:11:10: @pshumate Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.
  • 23:12:15: @bclevinger I think they're trying to create an army of Elmer Fudd clones.
  • 23:13:46: @3x1minus1 As far as I can tell, that's pretty much the main advantage of being female.
  • 23:15:18: I guess I'll go to bed now.

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The Great Compromiser

Isn't it odd that the same people who seemed to think Bush could do no wrong (even when he actually DID do wrong) and that criticizing him was unpatriotic are more than willing to criticize Obama for just about anything? Okay, it's really NOT that odd, but it is quite blatant. Hey, Fox News, do you think you could be any MORE transparent in your party affiliation? Maybe elephant-shaped hats would help. I also hear a fair amount of insistence that the media can't do anything but drool over Obama, and while I have heard from people who have an almost worshipful awe of the current president, these tend to be individuals rather than the media at large. Or maybe I'm just not watching the right networks. Regardless, I think it's fair to say that ANY president is going to receive an inordinate amount of criticism, whether deserved or not. I think a key difference between Bush and Obama, however, is that Bush never seemed to LISTEN to the criticism, while Obama seems almost too likely to take it to heart. While I admire his desire to be liked by everyone, I'm not sure why he even bothers to try with the Fox News/Rush Limbaugh crowd, who would rather chew off their own feet than acknowledge that a Democrat could do a decent job.

On some issues, it seems like Obama's hope to please everyone results in compromises that please no one. Take the proposed health care plan, for instance. I read a little while ago that the people instituting the plan wanted to make sure that, if health care was made mandatory, the plans would be affordable. But if we're aiming for universal health care, shouldn't the health plans be, well, free? It makes the Republican tactic of referring to "socialized medicine" even more ridiculous than it already was, as mandatory health insurance that you still have to pay for doesn't strike me as any more socialistic than the auto insurance industry, which also forces drivers to buy insurance. If Obama IS a socialist, as his critics love to say, he's not doing a very good job of it. It's funny that I sometimes hear that the Republican Party is falling apart, because apparently no one told the president. Or is it just that many Democrats nowadays are practically indistinguishable from Republicans, except they probably don't want to force public schools to teach the creation of the firmament as science?

I also think the attempt of some (like Sean Hannity, for instance) to call attention to and repeatedly criticize Obama's statement that Jim Crowley "acted stupidly" in arresting Henry Gates is really grasping at straws. I guess I could see if they think Obama should have just avoided broadcasting his opinions to the entire nation when they only affect one small part of it, but I think that it's a rather minor matter in the end. And really, for anyone bad-mouthing Gates, would YOU remain calm if someone tried to arrest you for breaking into your own house? I'm not necessarily saying that he was right, or that Crowley shouldn't have made sure everything was in order (although, from what I've heard, there WAS some racial profiling involved, as much as the Hannitys of the world want to deny it), just that it's a normal human reaction to be indignant if you're being hassled by law enforcement when you haven't done anything wrong. Regardless of this, however, I think Obama might have once again paid too much attention to his critics in this matter. It's fine if he regretted his choice of words (although I have to say I was all right with it), but it kind of seems like he felt he had to keep coming back to the issue because of the comments of a vocal minority.

Fishing for Comments

rockinlibrarian recently did this experiment, which she didn't intend as a meme. I'm also curious about who's reading my journal, though, so I'm going to duplicate it:

"Hi whoever is reading this! If you are reading this, even if you just so much as glimpse the entry, leave a comment... yes, no, seriously. This is not a meme, this is just an experiment. But since it is an experiment and not a meme, please don't warp the results by not commenting!"

Like Amy, I'm particularly interested in knowing about anyone who might be lurking here, or who found this journal through a community or something. Let me know how you got here.